Committed to Helping You Grow

Concept Ag knows the importance accessibility to yield data results is when choosing a fertilizer program. Our number one priority is to assist our customers in achieving maximum ROI – the reason we strive to conduct more research than our competitors, in order to develop the most efficient program to use on your farms.

It is our duty to work with today’s farmer to develop a custom approach for every typical and unique farm operation we come across. By collecting soil samples and using state-of-the-art soil testing software, Concept Ag is able to recommend and implement a custom fertilization program for each of our customers, so their farms are able to reach maximum yield potential, while ensuring risks are kept at a minimum.

One look at our yield data results and you’ll see for yourself, Concept Ag is committed to helping you grow.

Please check back often as we will be updating this portion of our site with new test data as it becomes available.


2016 Trial Results

Research Data 129: Charleston, IL

See the Concept Ag difference

Research Data 128 : Springfield, IL

Buncha Bugs and Biovate

Soybeans treated with Buncha Bugs and Biovate. Notice the yield increase on the left and right versus the untreated soil in the middle.

Research Data 126 : Southern Illinois